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Today we continued work on our story line for the game & further developed a back story and reasoning for the actions of our ROBOT KITTENS. We also decided on a name for the arch nemesis clown, now known as Krackles the clown, based on our team member Jason’s recommendation! We added a new background screenshot of one of our other levels to our kickstarter page & further refined some game mechanics & art assets! Our new backstory: In the very near future, there is an exciting new interactive toy that every child dreams of and wants for their birthday, their very own ROBOT KITTEN! The first thing most ROBOT KITTENS see once opened at a party are screaming children, cake, KRACKLES THE CLOWN & lots of BALLOONS! As the years go by and the parties continue, so does an ever growing dissent & swelling jealousy for the popular clown. KRACKLES never misses a party & the children love him! Over time as the toys are abandoned by growing children & other new toys, the outcast kittens band together on an ongoing mission to destroy all balloons & more importantly, those created by their arch nemesis KRACKLES. Following a trail of Balloon animals & confetti, the kittens finally track KRACKLES to a small circus… Follow the ROBOT KITTENS as they travel from the circus to exotic locations around the globe, hot on the trail of KRACKLES THE CLOWN. TAKE UP CLAWS as a ROBOT KITTEN & destroy those pesky BALLOONS!

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